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  • CTCSS детектор, шумоподавитель.
    2015-07-26 18:14:50

    A more precise measurement: only 300 Hz of offset cause the decoder to fail to recognize the tone.

  • CTCSS детектор, шумоподавитель.
    2015-07-26 03:47:17

    Hi Basil,

    I have observed that when a station is a bit off frequency (lets say 1 or 2 KHz) the the decoder fails but if I tune the radio to be well centered it works OK. Since some stations on a channel frequently have some offset, could you improve the plugin to also handle these cases? Maybe it is a case of filtering the DC component coming out the detector, this could be an explanation in an analog radio but I dion't know how yopu do it with SDR#.

    Best regards,

    Ignacio EB4APL