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  • CTCSS детектор, шумоподавитель.
    2017-01-09 12:34:51

    Obviously the above mentioned cases in the example are "ORed".

    The squelch is opened if it is true one (or more) of the three cases.

  • CTCSS детектор, шумоподавитель.
    2017-01-09 12:11:50

    Hi Basil,

    is it possible to have an array or list of CTCSS tones (maybe using chech boxes) to be applied simultaneously as filter instead of a single CTCSS tone?

    And include the DC (no tone)?

    In this way we can get a multiple filter.

    For example, we can choose to open the squelch if, at the same time:

    1) There is no CTCSS tone

    2) there is a CTCSS tone 74.4 Hz

    3) there is a CTCSS tone 107.2 Hz.

    A similar approach could be applied to DCS tones.

    Thank you