Обновлен FilePlayer и FrequencyManager

Обновлен FilePlayer и FrequencyManager

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В плейер добавлено отображение имени файла при наведении на кнопку открытия файлов. В менеджере добавлено поле комментария к частоте. Комментарий отображается при удержании указателя мыши на строке в таблице.

Frequency manager...

File player...

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2 Marco 08-04-2018 10:41

nice update!

Please note that when loading a recording WAVRF64 in 32bitIEEEFloatIQ, the file player does not get the right play time. Need to restart SDR# or load the file more than once.

3 Комментатор 2396 08-04-2018 13:33

Thanks for your work, but doesn't work with v. 1664. I got test.wav non found at SDR# startup and plugin won't run.

The only way to run File Player is to rename wav file to test.wav and move it in SDR# installation folder.

Any solution? Tks

4 Василий 08-04-2018 14:17

Use the config and play buttons in the sdr# main window.

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